By welcoming SOLEIL in your hotel, you look after the guest’s sun protection, an essential need, in a sustainable way.

We accompany your guests whatever their outdoor activities to make their ‘’sunny moment’’ a healthy and pleasurable one.

These two solutions are provided by our advisors, experts in sun protection, who have been through a professional training, and are delivered from a simple and elegant space, called "Bar à SOLEIL" located in the outdoor facilities.

This free and interactive solution allows your guests to ideally control their sun protection directly in your hotel.

The SOLEIL concept store is integrated in the area of your choice to showcase our
SOLEIL Collection and finalise the sales. We purchase and deliver the suncare products.

Thanks to our digital aftercare, designed by SOLEIL, your guests are individually guided, according to their characteristics, needs and preferences, to purchase the suitable product(s) for an optimum sun protection.

We offer a free support for all your guests (availability, prevention, personalised advices).

The advisor accompanies them all along the exposure to the sun to prevent any negative effects related to it.

In addition, thanks to our SOLEIL Collection made of high-quality organic products, we propose a chargeable personal aftercare for the guests who wish to fully enjoy our solar care.

The sun protection and the well-being of your guests are delightfully taken care of by our team of advisors using our SOLEIL Collection.

Our advisors, exclusively dedicated to your guests, attentive to their needs and wishes, offer a bespoke service to ensure an optimum sun protection.

By focusing on their well-being and health, our solar care exclusive accompanies your guests to reach a sheer moment of indulgence and enjoy an exceptional experience.

SOLEIL, it's about creating a peaceful and soothing experience, the real meaning of luxury.